2.18 Traffic Management and Off-Street Parking


All land use and development generates demand for parking facilities. This chapter outlines Council’s requirements for the design and provision of car parking, motorcycle parking, bicycle parking and storage and loading facility requirements for specific developments.

This chapter also provides general requirements for the assessment and management of traffic impacts associated with development.

In the event of any inconsistency between the requirements of this chapter of the DCP and other Parts of this DCP, the other Parts of the DCP will prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.


  1. Ensure pedestrian and traffic safety;
  2. Ensure quality of parking areas in terms of safety, amenity and integration with surrounding areas;
  3. Ensure a balance is achieved between the needs of proposed development and the needs of vehicular and pedestrian traffic;
  4. Ensure the provision of sufficient and suitably located parking for persons with a disability, cyclists, and motorcyclists within developments;
  5. Ensure landscaping and the materials of construction improve the amenity of the parking areas;
  6. Provide parking areas which promote ease of access as well as suitable internal circulation patterns;
  7. Ensure that adequate provision is made for off-street parking of passenger and service vehicles generated by new developments and redevelopments;
  8. Ensure adequate facilities are provided within a development for the loading and unloading of persons and goods; and
  9. Provide acceptable alternatives in lieu of on-site parking which:
    1. enable Council to responsibly consider development proposals which do not comply with the on-site parking requirements of this DCP
    2. provide a mechanism to avoid the development of numerous small-scale dispersed car parks;
    3. promote the establishment of strategically located larger parking facilities; and
    4. provide an equitable system of monetary contribution in lieu of on-site parking provision in a Contributions Plan. This will ensure Council is able to responsibly approve development applications that cannot provide all the required parking on-site or where such on-site provision is inappropriate.