2.10 Development near Camden Airport


The operation of the airport is subject to the provisions of the Camden Airport Master Plan.


  1. Ensure the effective and on-going operation of Camden Airport;
  2. Ensure that airport operations are not compromised by surrounding development; and
  3. Ensure that aircraft are protected from adverse impacts from ground lighting and gas efflux.


  1. Ground lighting within the area shown in the Camden Airport Master Plan highlighting maximum lighting intensities surrounding Camden Airport, must not impact on Airport operations. Guidelines for aeronautical ground lights can be found in the Manual of Standards Part 139 – Aerodromes, Section 9.21 or equivalent.
  2. Stack and vent efflux installations located within 15km of the Camden Airport must comply with the requirements set out in Advisory Circular 139-05 issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.
  3. Buildings or structures located within the area affected by the Camden Airport OLS or PANS-OPS contained in the Camden Airport Master Plan must use materials that have low reflectivity.

Note: Clause 7.2 of CLEP 2010 contains provisions relating to obstacle limitation surfaces and PANS-OPS, and Clause 7.3 of CLEP 2010 contains provisions relating to ANEF contours and noise exposure.