2.11 Development affected by the Western Sydney Airport


The Western Sydney Airport (WSA) planned at Badgerys Creek (within Liverpool City Council’s LGA) is located to the north of the Camden LGA. Whilst the WSA is not within the Camden LGA, the protected airspace around the airport encroaches on to certain land within the Camden LGA.

Protected airspace is also referred to as Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS) and Procedures for Air Navigation Services – Aircraft Operations (PANS-OPS).

Where proposed development may impact on the protected airspace, certain approvals are required from the airport and the applicant must seek approval from the Secretary of the Federal Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities (or their equivalent). For properties within Cobbitty, Bringelly and Rossmore, the OLS may be relatively close to the natural ground level and there is potential for new buildings to encroach into protected airspace.


  1. Ensure that new developments are not detrimentally impacted by the operations of Western Sydney Airport;
  2. Ensure new development is approved in accordance with Federal legislation and guidelines; and
  3. Ensure the effective and on-going operation of the Western Sydney Airport.


  1. The WSA must be notified of all development applications buildings, structures or activities that will penetrate the Western Sydney Airport OLS and / or PANS-OPS.
  2. Stack and vent efflux installations located within 15km of the Western Sydney Airport must comply with the requirements set out in Advisory Circular 139-05 (as updated) issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Further Information

The National Airports Safeguarding Framework (NASF) provides guidance on  delivering safety and amenity outcomes for developments near airports.