2.16 Environmental Heritage


Camden’s unique environmental heritage is made up of a combination of significant places, buildings, works, relics, moveable objects and precincts. It comprises elements of both the natural and built environment and their related landscape settings; as well as Aboriginal items and places.

Heritage is an integral part of the character of the Camden LGA and has been identified as such consistently over many years by the Camden community. It is important that heritage significance is protected for the benefit of current and future generations. 

This chapter of the DCP is focused on ensuring that there is sufficient understanding of the significance of Camden’s Heritage and that development and activities in both the private and public domains are sympathetic and contribute to its conservation.

Importantly, heritage listing does not prevent development or changes to a property. It just means that work must be done in a manner that is sensitive to the heritage significance of the site. A balance between protecting heritage significance and alteration to meet modern needs and desires is encouraged.