2.3 Water Management


Council’s Engineering Specifications contains the controls relating to detention, drainage and water sensitive urban design. The controls in the Engineering Specifications need to be met to ensure that competing needs are balanced and water use is sustainable.


  1. Ensure compliance with Council’s Engineering Specifications.
  2. Ensure appropriate measures are implemented to manage maintenance requirements.
  3. Adopt an integrated approach that takes into account all aspects of the water cycle in determining impacts and enhancing water resources.
  4. Promote sustainable practices in relation to the use of water resources for human activities.
  5. Minimise water consumption for human uses by using best-practice site planning, design and water efficient appliances.
  6. Address water resources in terms of the entire water catchment.
  7. Protect water catchments and environmental systems from development pressures and potential pollution sources.
  8. Protect and enhance natural watercourses, riparian corridors and wetlands.
  9. Integrate water management with stormwater, drainage, and flood conveyance requirements.
  10. Ensure water quality controls are integrated with parks, conservation areas and green spaces to ensure high quality environmental outcomes are achieved.
  11. Minimise urban run-off and incorporate best practice Water Sensitive Urban Design to ensure there is no adverse impact on water quality discharging from the site or to natural streams.


  1. All development must demonstrate compliance with the relevant provisions of Council’s Engineering Specifications including requirements for detention, drainage and water sensitive urban design.