2.17.11 Service Stations


  1. Ensure signage is compatible with the amenity of the surrounding locality.


  1. Types of business identification signs must generally be limited to:
    1. Fascia signs
    2. Top hamper signs
    3. Pole/pylon signs
    4. Wall signs
    5. Entry / exit signs
  2. The location, type, colour, design and size must not detract from the amenity and character of the area to which it relates.
  3. One pole or pylon sign not exceeding 6m aboveground level is permitted per development.
  4. The display of fuel prices must be incorporated into the pole or pylon sign.
  5. The location and design of signs (including their illumination) are not to adversely affect the amenity of adjacent development and the character of the locality and not to obstruct any traffic lights or traffic signs.