2.17.3 Additional Controls for the Narellan Town Centre


  1. Environment graphics associated with the building and façade treatments are to be clearly distinguished from advertising and should take the form of abstracted architectural elements rather than “lifestyle“ advertising images.


  1. All signage (advertising, business identification, environmental graphics and the like) must be provided in accordance with General Requirements for Signage except where otherwise stated by the following controls.
  2. All signage must be integrated into the architectural form and building elements.
  3. Signage and environmental graphics should not adversely detract from significant views or vistas to and from heritage items.
  4. Signage is permitted for the purpose of business identification for any retail, restaurant, commercial or banking use that has an active street or town square frontage. The provision of signage for each tenancy must comply with the following:
    1. Where a unit or tenancy is visible from a public place, not more than one business identification sign per unit or tenancy is permitted;
    2. Signage must only identify the business name, unit number, address and/or any associated logos or graphics;
    3. Signage must not exceed 20% of the visible wall area of the primary elevation of the unit or tenancy;
    4. All signage visible from a public place must be of a complimentary size, shape and style throughout the development; and
    5. Signage must be provided in accordance with Figure 2-11.
    6. Signage must be scaled appropriately in proportion to the building mass.