2.17.9 Exhibition Homes, Villages & Unit Signs

Signs erected on privately owned land


  1. Ensure that outdoor advertising is compatible with the amenity of the surrounding locality.


  1. Types of exhibition identification signs must be limited to:
    1. One Pole / Pylon sign having maximum dimensions of;
    2. Height: 3.5m x Width: 1.2m per exhibition home.
    3. Two Wall signs having a maximum area of 1m² per sign per exhibition home.
  2. The location, type, colour and design of advertisements are not to adversely affect;
    1. the amenity of the area,
    2. any adjoining/adjacent dwellings.
    3. existing signage located on adjoining.
  3. Signs are to be of a consistent shape, size and presentation throughout the exhibition village.
  4. All signs must be located wholly within the property boundaries.
  5. Illuminated signage will only be permitted where it is not readily visible from residential properties. In cases where illuminated signage becomes readily visible to surrounding residential development (development that is approved after the illuminated signage), illumination of the signage must cease. All illuminated signage must comply with AS 4282: Control of Obtrusive Effects of Outdoor Lighting.
  6. All advertising signs and structures must be removed and the site rectified when the exhibition home / village ceases to operate.