2.17.8 Estate Development – Place Entry Sign


  1. Recognise the need for identification and promotion of new residential and employment estates, during the initial release of lots;
  2. Ensure place entry signage is compatible with the character and amenity of the locality; and
  3. Allow for estate identification to be located at justified strategic entrance points to residential and employment subdivisions.


  1. Place entry sign(s) must be located at the strategic entrance point of a major subdivision and will only be considered in the context of the locality.
  2. The number, type, colour, design and size of place entry sign(s) must not detract from the amenity and character of the land to which it relates.
  3. Place entry sign(s) and associated structures must be entirely located within private property and not within the road reserve.
  4. Design, materials, construction and detailing must be robust to minimise maintenance and vandalism.
  5. A place entry sign(s) must generally comprise of a temporary fence or masonry constructed wall or other materials of solid construction and may incorporate banners, flags, sculptures and the like.
  6. Each sign may only include the estate name and suburb name. At a minimum, each sign must include the words ‘developer estate’ to differentiate from the suburb name.
  7. Illumination of a place entry sign(s) will generally not be permitted.