4.2.12 Waste Storage Areas and Waste Collection Areas


  1. To ensure efficient storage and collection of waste and quality design of facilities.
  2. To ensure that waste facilities are suitably located and designed so they do not detract from the streetscape and overall local amenity.


  1. The number of bins to be provided must be calculated based on waste generation rates in Council’s Waste Management Guidelines.
  2. Waste storage and collection areas must be provided and shown on the landscape/architectural plans. Refer to Council’s Waste Management Guidelines for more information.
  3. Waste storage areas should be provided behind the main building line and must not be located inside garages.
  4. Bin path of travel from storage to collection area must be smooth and unobstructed.
  5. Waste bins should be presented at the front of the lot for collection.
  6. In exceptional circumstances where waste bins cannot be presented at the front of the lot, Council may consider the provision of an alternate collection location within 50m of the lot boundary. Where alternate collection locations are proposed, the waste collection area:
    1. should be a concrete waste bin pad/s (refer to Councils Waste Management Guideline for design requirements); and
    2. must be designed to ensure that it does not detract from streetscape and local amenity.
  7. For any proposed collection area:
    1. the maximum number of bins to be presented together is 9 bins;
    2. there must be no negative impacts on neighbouring properties, streetscape and/or local amenity; and
    3. must not obstruct traffic flows on the road, vehicle entry to the property or pedestrian traffic in front of the property.