4.2.1 Site Analysis

Site analysis for each individual lot is an important part of the design process. Development proposals need to illustrate design decisions which are based on careful analysis of the site conditions and their relationship to the surrounding context. By describing the physical elements of the locality and the conditions impacting on the site, opportunities and constraints for development can be understood and addressed in the design.

The Site Analysis Plan should show the existing features of the site and its surrounding area, together with supporting written material. A Site Analysis Plan must show at least the following features:

  • the position of the proposed building in relation to site boundaries and any other structures and existing vegetation and trees on the site;
  • any easements over the land;
  • the location, boundary dimensions, site area and north point of the land;
  • location of existing street features adjacent to the property, such as trees, planting, street lights;
  • contours and existing levels of the land in relation to buildings and roads and, whether the proposed development will involve any changes to these levels;
  • location and uses of buildings on sites adjoining the land;
  • a stormwater concept plan (where required); and
  • For Battle-axe blocks, On–site Stormwater Detention (OSD) is to be designed in accordance with Council’s Engineering Specifications.