4.2.7 Principal Private Open Space


  1. To provide a high level of residential amenity with opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation within the property.


  1. The total area of Principal Private Open Space (PPOS) for each dwelling is to comply with Table 4-4 below.
  2. Each dwelling must be provided with quality, useable PPOS behind the building line.
  3. The PPOS must:
    1. be adequately screened for privacy from adjacent dwellings and passers-by;
    2. be directly accessible from, and adjacent to, a habitable room, other than a bedroom;
    3. be at least 4m wide and 4m deep, and
    4. not be steeper than 1:10 gradient.
Table 4-4: Principal Private Open Space

Principal Private Open Space (Minimum)

Lot width ≤10m


with a minimum dimension of 4m

Lot width >10m


with a minimum dimension of 4m