5.5.13 Retailing in Industrial Areas



  1. Retailing is not permissible except as outlined below. Showrooms may be permitted where they are ancillary to the principal use of the site, and are used only for the display of goods manufactured, produced or stored on-site.

Neighbourhood Shops

  1. Neighbourhood Shops are permitted in Industrial Zones. Council must be satisfied that the neighbourhood shop will meet the day to day needs of people who live or work in the local area. The maximum gross floor area of a neighbourhood shop is 100m² (Clause 5.4 CLEP 2010).

Industrial Retail Outlets

  1. Industrial Retail Outlets are permissible in all Industrial zones within the Camden LGA. The maximum gross floor area of an industrial retail outlet is 67% of the combined floor area of the industrial retail outlet and the building or place where the relevant industry is carried out, or 400m2 , whichever is the lesser (Clause 5.4 CLEP 2010).

Showrooms in Industrial Areas

  1. In considering applications for ancillary showrooms on industrial premises, Council must take into account:
    1. the proportion of the total floor space devoted to the showroom activity;
    2. the nature of the goods to be displayed;
    3. the traffic generating potential of the proposed ancillary showroom; and
    4. the possible need for increased on-site car parking.

Note: Retailing from a showroom that is ancillary to the principal use of a premises is not permissible.