5.5.4 Multi-Unit Industrial Developments

Consent for the Use of Individual Units

Note: The consent of Council is required for the specific use of each individual unit before the unit can be occupied. Consent may be sought as a combined development application along with the industrial building or sought via a separate application.

The following requirements apply to multi-unit industrial developments


Numbering of the Units

  1. Each unit in the development is to be numerically identified in the development application.


  1. Each unit is to have its own amenities. The premises are to be connected to the sewer.

Industrial Activity

  1. All activities are to be carried out within the building and no activities must occur externally to the building. Arrangements for the external storage of new and waste materials require the consent of the Council.

Trade Waste Storage

  1. Trade wastes must be stored inside each unit, or in an approved communally managed storage area located so as not to interfere with parking or maneuvering of vehicles. The area to be set aside for this purpose is to be indicated on the development application plans and must be screened from public view.

Strata Subdivision

  1. All landscaping and access areas and must be included in any Strata Plan of subdivision as common property.
  2. It is encouraged that car parking is included as common property to allow flexibility for future change of uses.
  3. The subdivision certificate will not be issued until an Occupation Certificate has been issued for the development.

External Storage

  1. Council does not encourage external storage. Where such storage is proposed, Council requires applicants to have regard to the following provisions:
    1. Where any materials or products are to be stored outside buildings, detail must be provided with the development application.
    2. External storage areas are to be effectively screened and must not be visible from any public areas.
    3. In the case of development applications which do not include buildings, screen walls and/ or landscaping or other approved screen devices are to be erected in order to effectively prevent the use of the land being viewed from a public road, nearby public reserve, or dwelling.
    4. Screening devices are to be designed to harmonise with any existing or proposed landscaping. Landscaping should be used to break up large expanses of screen walls.
    5. In the case of development applications for the repair and/or wrecking of motor vehicles, the operation of junk yards, or recycling of metal and other waste materials, Council may impose special conditions on outdoor storage. In such cases, early consultation with Council (before the development application is lodged) is advisable.
    6. Screen walls are to incorporate finishes which match or are compatible with external finishes of the industrial building elsewhere on site.
    7. Any materials to be stored that can impact water quality must be covered or runoff water must be treated.