5.5.1 Introduction


The objectives and controls contained within this section apply to the following;

  1. All development in zone E4 General Industrial
  2. All development in zone E3 Productivity Support (excluding the land uses specified in subheading ‘Application’ of Section 5.2 of this DCP
  3. Light Industrial development in the MU1 Mixed Use zone surrounding the Camden town centre as identified in Section 5.3.3 of this DCP

Note: This section is to be read in conjunction with the site-specific provisions under section 5.6 of this DCP which apply to development on land in Narellan, Smeaton Grancem Ironbark Avenue, Little Street and Glenlee. Where there are inconsistencies between this section and the site-specific controls, the site-specific controls will prevail. 


CLEP 2010 contains two zones which facilitate industrial development E4 General Industrial and E3 Productivity Support. The E4 General Industrial zone is designed to accommodate traditional and modern forms of industrial development, including manufacturing and warehousing. The E3 Productivity Support zone is intended to provide a range of light industrial and commercial uses while minimising adverse impacts on surrounding land uses.

How to use this part?

This chapter (Chapter 5) establishes objectives and controls that guide industrial development such as a wide range of industrial, warehouse, employment and related land uses, along with ancillary uses that serve the day to day needs of workers in surrounding development.


  1. Facilitate the economic and orderly development of industrial areas for a wide range of uses including industrial, recreational and community uses, and limited business and retail uses that serve the day-to-day needs of those working in the immediate locality;
  2. Create high-quality industrial areas which embrace innovative and imaginative building design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing;
  3. Enhance the existing streetscape and promote a scale and density of planting that softens the visual impact of buildings and other infrastructure;
  4. Ensure that ecological sustainable development principles are integrated into all industrial developments;
  5. Minimise the visual and environmental impact of development on the adjoining residential, rural residential and other sensitive land uses; and
  6. Ensure adequate facilities are provided within an industrial development for loading and unloading of goods, collecting garbage and trade waste and for the off-street parking of vehicles associated with that development.