5.5.3 Landscaped Area and Public Domain


Landscaped Area

  1. A landscaped area along any street frontage is required with a minimum depth of 3 metres (excluding the driveway)

Nature Strip/Road Verge and Street Tree Landscaping

  1. The road verge/nature strip area adjoining the development site must be turfed and planted with appropriate upper canopy street trees at the rate of approximately 1 tree per 15 metres (measured stem to stem). Location of Street Trees are to be in accordance with Appendix B.

Landscaping Elements

  1. Landscaping can incorporate hard and soft elements and be used to:
    1. Enhance the appearance of the development.
    2. Provide a human scale and recreation facilities for staff.
    3. Define, soften and enhance the area, building, building entries and car parking areas.
    4. Make a statement for the character and community spirit of the site occupant and the Industrial/Commercial area as an entity.
    5. Incorporate water sensitive urban design principals; and
    6. Contribute to the urban forest and reduce the effects of urban heat appendix B


  1. The design of outdoor lighting poles and fixtures must be such as to minimise visual impact during daylight.
  2. Bollard lights and wall mounted lights may be used at entrances to buildings and in setbacks along street frontages.
  3. Choice of material for poles should be related to other building materials, and may include cell cured pine, pre-cast concrete or hollow aluminum.
  4. The design of internal lighting and spotlighting is to be such as will ensure no adverse impact on approaching vehicles in terms of glare, blinding effects or driver confusion.
  5. All lighting must comply with AS 1158 - Lighting for Roads and Public Spaces and AS 4282 - Control of the obtrusive effects of outdoor lighting. Lighting in public space must have timer switches installed for managing time of operation and power consumption.