6.2.6 Non-Agricultural Development

Rural Industry


  1. Ensure that rural industries are compatible with the rural environment; and
  2. Minimise any adverse impact of rural industries on surrounding lands.


  1. The minimum lot size required for rural industries is 10 hectares.
  2. Buildings and outside storage areas are to be sited at least 20m from a public street and from any boundary where there is a dwelling on an adjoining property. These setbacks may need to be increased in order to address potential environmental or amenity impacts of the proposed development.
  3. Rural industries must maintain the rural landscape, materials, colours and building form should be recessive in the landscape with low reflective, neutral/earth tones.
  4. Outdoor storage yards are to be screened from roadways and neighbouring dwellings.
  5. Council may limit the hours of operation of a rural industry where there is a likelihood of adverse impact on the amenity of the surrounding area.
  6. No hazardous materials must be stored below 1% AEP flood level plus freeboard.
  7. Where an industry has the potential to generate offensive odour beyond the boundaries of the site, an odour assessment must be undertaken in accordance with DECCW’s “Technical framework: Assessment and Management of Odour from Stationary Sources in NSW” and be submitted with the application.
  8. On unsewered sites, development must be in accordance with Council’s Sewage Management Strategy.