6.2.7 Keeping of Trucks


  1. Allow the storage of trucks, plant or similar vehicles owned and operated by the occupier of a property;
  2. Limit the interference of vehicle movements on the amenity of the neighbourhood; and
  3. Minimise visual impact of garaging and servicing equipment.


  1. The maximum number of trucks, plant or similar equipment to be stored on a property (not associated with an authorised use occurring on that property), within a rural zone is two.

    Note:    If more than two vehicles are intended to be stored on the site, the use of the site may be defined as a “Truck Depot” under the Dictionary section of CLEP 2010, which will require the lodgement of a development application to seek consent for the use of the land for this purpose. Given the potential impacts on adjoining property owners, consideration should be given to locating truck depots on land within an industrial zone.

  2. Loading Bays or parking for trucks are to be located in an area that is not visible from the street.
  3. An Acoustic Report undertaken by a suitable acoustic consultant in accordance with the Department of Transport and Planning, Industry and Environment (Department of Premier and Cabinet) measurement methodology may be required to accompany the development application.
  4. The vehicles should be stored where they are not visible from any public place. In this regard, screening of the truck and plant parking area may be required.
  5. Goods, freight and the like are not to be stored on site.