S13.2 Street, Pedestrian and Cycle Network

In addition to general controls in the DCP, the following objectives and controls for the road and pedestrian network apply to 190 Raby Road, Gledswood Hills.


  1. To establish a legible and well-connected street network that promotes pedestrian and cyclist movement and convenient vehicular movement.
  2. To provide a safe and convenient public transport, pedestrian and cycleway network with strong links to Gregory Hills Drive and the Gregory Hills and Gledswood release areas.


  1. Subdivision of the 190 Raby Road Gledswood Hills release area will deliver a key collector road in accordance with the ILP.
  2. The collector road is to be designed to accommodate future north/south bus movements through the release area.
  3. Prior to approval of the road construction (Construction Certificate) and riparian crossing (in accordance with the Voluntary Planning Agreement) between the subject land and the Gledswood release area land, the Developer for 190 Raby Road Gledswood Hills must ensure the upgrade of the existing local road (within the Gledswood release area) to a collector road so as to provide a bus capable road link from Gregory Hills Drive to Raby Road.
  4. A north/south pedestrian and cycleway path is to be provided through the site and be a minimum width of 2.5m. The path must generally follow the alignment of the collector road and linear open space.
  5. Residential lots are to be separated from the Sydney Water Canal through the use of a perimeter local road.