S13.1 Introduction

The subject site is located on the eastern boundary of the Camden LGA, adjacent to the Campbelltown LGA Scenic Hills land and the South West Growth Area. Immediately to the west of the site is the Sydney Water Upper Canal and to the north is the El Caballo Blanco, Gledswood and East Side release area.

Access to the development will be provided via Gregory Hills Drive at its southern boundary. A new collector road will run through the development to provide a connection between Gregory Hills Drive in the south and the El Caballo Blanco, Gledswood and East Side release area to the north. This will provide an improved public transport link.

The gas pipeline easements will be integrated within the development through their embellishment and utilisation as a linear open space area that will provide a range of pedestrian, cycleway and passive recreation uses. The pedestrian path/cycleway will provide good connections to the surrounding urban areas. This linear open space will be complemented by two drainage areas. An area adjoining the easement area will also be embellished as a park and playground.

Housing on the site will benefit from the natural setting and retention of select areas of native vegetation that will be restored. It will also provide a transition of larger lots between the Scenic Hills ridgeline to well established and newly developing release areas to the west and north.

In order to protect the scenic landscape, additional controls to establish appropriate building height, setbacks, material and colours have been specified for land located to the east of the collector road shown on the Indicative Layout Plan (ILP) in Figure S13-1.