3.2.6 Street Trees


  1. Ensure trees are planted to enhance the local environment.


  1. Street trees are to be provided on all streets and must:
    1. be used consistently to distinguish between public and private spaces and between different classes of street within the street hierarchy;
    2. minimise risk to utilities and services and minimise ongoing water consumption;
    3. be durable and suited to the street environment and include endemic species;
    4. maintain adequate lines of sight for vehicles and pedestrians, especially around driveways and street corners;
    5. be suitably located away from waste collection areas to accommodate servicing;
    6. provide appropriate shade;
    7. provide an attractive and interesting landscape character without blocking the potential for street surveillance; and
    8. ensure street tree design and species selection complement and define the neighbourhood area, ecological linkages, street hierarchy, precinct entries, significant intersections, items of environmental heritage, heritage conservation areas and significant view lines.
  2. Any proposal for street tree planting within the road reserve (i.e. carriageway and verge) is to include appropriate detailed design that addresses access and manoeuvrability of heavy vehicles, street sweepers and vehicles, the impact of the root system on the carriageway, ongoing maintenance of the tree and carriageway, and the relationship with future driveway access points. It must also address any adverse impact on available on-street parking, especially in higher density areas.
  3. Trees for verge planting are to be in accordance with Camden Council Indicative Planting List and in accordance with Appendix B.