1.1.4 What does this DCP seek to achieve?

The objectives of this DCP are to ensure that:

  1. Camden LGA retains its valued heritage qualities and scenic landscapes whilst providing for sustainable urban growth;
  2. New communities are planned and developed in an orderly, integrated and sustainable manner;
  3. Impacts from development on the natural environment are minimised and overall improvements to the natural systems in Camden LGA are achieved;
  4. New developments are integrated with existing and planned transport systems and promote sustainable transport behaviour in Camden LGA;
  5. Appropriate housing opportunities are provided for all existing and future residents of Camden LGA at all stages of their life cycle;
  6. New developments deliver upon the desired future character of the places in Camden LGA;
  7. New development is designed and located to ensure the health, safety and security of people and property in Camden LGA;
  8. Identified and potential Aboriginal and European heritage places are conserved and respected;
  9. New developments are planned and constructed to contribute to the social, environmental and economic sustainability of Camden LGA.
  10. The agricultural production potential of rural lands within Camden is protected and fragmentation of rural land is prevented.