1.1.8 Structure of this DCP

The main body of this DCP is structured in six Parts containing objectives and controls which apply to all development in Camden. The DCP also contains Schedules for site specific areas.

In the event of an inconsistency between a Schedule and the main body of this DCP, the Schedule prevails. 

Table 1-1: Summary of the content of each of the sections and the appendices



1 – Introduction

Sets out the aims and objectives of the DCP, identifies the land to which the DCP applies, explains the structure of the document and the relationship of the DCP to other planning documents.

2 – General Planning Controls

Sets out the controls that apply to all development types in the Camden LGA. Part 2 contains the objectives and controls that underpin the orderly and sustainable development of the Camden LGA. Accordingly, this part of the DCP must be consulted in the first instance.

3 – Residential Subdivision

Sets out the controls that apply to development applications which involve the subdividing of residential land in the Camden LGA.

4 – Residential Development 


Provides the objectives and controls that guide residential development, including dwelling houses, semi-detached, attached dwellings, multi dwelling housing, secondary dwellings, dual occupancies and residential flat buildings. Also, covers residential amenity controls such as streetscape, safety, privacy, sustainable building design and fencing.

5 – Employment Zones Development Controls

Provides objectives, controls and design principles for development in employment zones, including commercial and industrial development in Camden, Narellan, Smeaton Grange and Glenlee.

6 – Specific Land Use Controls

Provides controls to guide the development of rural areas. This section also contains controls applying to specific land uses such as child care centres, restricted premises, sex service premises, exhibition homes and villages, home businesses and home industry and wood fired heaters.

Appendix A - Glossary

Explains the terms used in the DCP.

Appendix B – Landscape Design Principles and Submission Requirements

Provides landscape design principles, submission requirements and recommended street tree planting. 

Site Specific Schedules

Site specific schedule provides additional objectives and controls which are specific to a specific area.

Each Part is subdivided into Chapters and Sections as illustrated in Figure 1-2. Each Chapter contains sections. In order to ensure the proposed development is compliant, the sections must be read, and the objectives and controls followed. Generally, the sections are broken down into:

Background – contains information that is essential to understanding the objectives and controls.

Objectives – state what is to be achieved and covers the range of desired outcomes to achieve a goal.

Controls – contain standards in order to achieve the objectives.

Further Information – provide supplementary references which also need compliance e.g. Camden Council’s Engineering Specifications.


Figure 1-2: Camden DCP Structure