S9.4 Site Specific Residential Controls

Note: The controls listed below are specific to Catherine Field Village. They must be read in conjunction with the controls in Part 4 of this DCP. In the event of any inconsistency, the controls below prevail.


  1. The minimum front building setback from a boundary having a frontage to a public street must be equal to the average setback of the adjoining dwellings. Where there are no adjoining dwellings, the minimum front building set back must be 20 metres.
  2. In the case of battle-axe lots the front building setback (i.e. from the rear boundary of the adjoining property with street frontage) must be 10 metres.

Consideration may be given to a variation of the minimum front setback as follows:

  • on corner allotments, provided the development is compatible with development in the vicinity.
  • on allotments constrained by the location and use of existing buildings or the topography or other mitigating environmental constraint.
  • The minimum rear building setback is 15 metres and the minimum side setback is 5 metres or 15 metres for a corner lot from its secondary road frontage.


Boundary fencing is to be constructed as post and rail or post and wire/wire netting.