S8.4.1 Double Garages on Narrow Lots equal to or greater than 10m and less than 12.5m

Double Garages are permitted on lots equal to or greater than 10m and less than 12.5m, subject to the below.


  1. To facilitate additional parking behind the building line on narrow allotments without reducing on street parking
  2. To reduce the visual impact of garages, carports, and parking areas on the streetscape.
  3. To ensure the dwelling is designed to provide casual surveillance of the street.
  4. To reduce the apparent bulk and scale of the dwelling.  


  1. Where a residential dwelling is proposed with a double garage on a lot with a frontage equal to or greater than 10 metres and less than12.5 metres (measured at the building line);
    1. It must be in conjunction with a 2 storey dwelling.
    2. It must be demonstrated that there is no loss of on street parking, site plans must show:
    3. an unencumbered area within the property line for on-street parking;
    4. driveway crossover (minimum 4m for double garage); and
    5. 500mm driveway setback (minimum) from the side boundary and demonstrate no conflict with services as per Council’s Design and Construction Specification – Access driveways.
  2. The floor plan must include a habitable room overlooking the street with a balcony incorporated into the design of the front façade.
  3. The balcony must cover at least 50% of the width of the dwelling. 
  4. The double garage must be recessed from the main building.
  5. To break up the bulk of the facade, the balcony element must be of a different finish to the main dwelling.
  6. The front entrance must be visible from the street.
  7. Non-habitable rooms are discouraged from being located at the front of the dwelling (apart from the front entrance).