S7.4.5 Fences


  1. To ensure boundary fencing and walls are of a high quality and do not detract from the streetscape..
  2. To provide privacy and security for the development.
  3. To define boundaries between public and private areas.


  1. Side and rear fencing is to be a maximum of 1.8m high and is not to project beyond the applicable building line.
  2. Fences on corner lots is to comply with the provisions under Section 4.2.11 Fencing.
  3. Fencing to open space areas (golf course and public reserve) lands is to be a maximum height of 1.2m and be of open style.
  4. Side fencing on lots fronting golf course land is to terminate 2m from the golf course boundary. The remaining 2m is to be fencing to a maximum height of 1.2m to match the fencing to the golf course.
  5. Fencing that adjoins rear accessways is to be open style fencing that permits casual surveillance. Metal or timber paling or lapped/capped fencing can only be used internally between dwelling lots.