3.3.1 Lot Sizes and Dimensions


  1. To ensure sense of place is maintained by ensuring that density and scale is in harmony with the existing character;
  2. To ensure that subdivision reflects and reinforces the predominant subdivision pattern of the area; and
  3. To ensure that large residential lots are able to accommodate new dwellings that do not hinder the orderly development of the site.


Minimum Lot Sizes

  1. The minimum lot size must comply with the minimum lot sizes as stated within the CLEP 2010.
  2. The lot should be rectangular in shape and consistent with the existing subdivision pattern.

Note: Lot sizes within the R5 zone varies depending on the location.

Minimum Lot Width

  1. The minimum lot width in the R5 zone is 25m.
  2. The lot must be able to accommodate a dwelling that is compliant with the residential controls within Part 4 this DCP.